Refunds Policy

Immigration Passport Visa Service strive to provide every client with an efficient and flawless service. However we appreciate that there may be times when you wish to cancel our service. We will refund your PayPal payment in full if you have not submitted an application form or have not provided us with all of the information we need to successfully process your application or requested service.

In this instance, please email Immigration Passport Visa Service immediately at or use the refund request form below. We encourage refund requests rather than PayPal disputes and You don’t have to give a reason for your refund request, just be sure to provide us with the PayPal unique transaction ID so that we can trace your payment.  You will receive your refund within 24 hours of us receiving your notification. You must make a refund request within 45 days of purchasing our service.

We cannot make refunds when an application has been successfully submitted according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form, or where an initial online registration has been provided, which you agreed to when you submitted your application to IPVS. However if you believe that we have not carried out our work according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form please email us – IPVS is always reasonable and we’re willing to help.

We cannot refund fees paid to government agencies. To receive a refund for this fee you must contact the relevant agency directly.

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